Expert discussion “Dissolution of the Russian Empire”

On February 22, 2024, in the premises of the Media Center of the State Enterprise “Directorate-General for Rendering Services to Diplomatic Missions” (Kyiv), the Non-Governmental Analytical Center “Ukrainian Studies of Strategic Disquisitions” held an expert discussion on the topic: “Dissolution of the Russian Empire.”

During the event, the book “Dissolution of the Russian Empire” was presented, featuring articles by scholars, veterans, active military personnel, and representatives of subjugated nations. The collection was published in two editions – Ukrainian and English. The project aims to shape the idea of the finite and fragile nature of Russia in the information space and stimulate active processes of empire destruction by strengthening anti-Moscow sentiments among the oppressed peoples of Russia.

Participants discussed the overall crisis of the Russian Federation and manifestations of its fragility. They examined the system of national oppression in the RF-controlled territories and the prospects for the self-determination of subjugated Russian peoples. It is evident that the Russian-Ukrainian war has become the main catalyst for the destruction of the empire, which is already underway. Risks of Russia’s collapse for Ukraine, neighboring states, and global security were also discussed.

Experts and contributors to the book believe that the disintegration of Russia is inevitable. They analyze the empire’s crisis through the lens of state destruction and the formation of a failed state, demographic problems, and economic difficulties. Participants conclude that only the destruction of the empire guarantees Ukrainian victory.

Yuriy Syrotyuk, Director of the Non-Governmental Analytical Center “Ukrainian Studies of Strategic Disquisitions,” Member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (VII convocation), Junior Sergeant of the 5th Separate Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, stated:

“The irreversible liquidation of Russia has begun. Any attempts to stop this process, especially from outside, will only prolong the agony and intensify the sharpness of the process. Russia is isolated, driven into geopolitical deadlock, and doomed. The logic and laws of historical processes say: this state is unnatural and incapable. There is no chance to correct it. Only military defeat with the simultaneous declaration of the right of indigenous peoples to independence and its rapid implementation is the only way to correct this historical mistake.”

Yuriy Oliynyk, Head of Research Programs at the Non-Governmental Analytical Center “Ukrainian Studies of Strategic Disquisitions,” Ph.D. in Political Science, emphasizes: “Over the past century, the Russian Empire has experienced several cycles of collapse and significant internal crises. Let us recall the collapse of 1917–1918; an obvious approaching of another crisis. War undermines the empire. In 2022, the Kremlin is forced to approve the formation of voluntary battalions based on regional signs. Protests in Dagestan, Bashkortostan, and other regions become the norm. The crisis of legitimacy is signaled by the generally positive perception of the so-called Prigozhin march on Moscow, as well as the gradual loss of the central government’s monopoly on violence. And the increase in terror against remnants of resistance, the physical destruction of prominent opposition figures is only evidence that the Kremlin has run out of other instruments.”

Stanislav Fedorchuk, veteran of the Russian-Ukrainian war, political scientist, head of the “Post-Russia” direction at the scientific and educational center “Ukrainian Strategic Initiative” at the National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy,” believes that “Russian ‘opposition’ or ‘authority’ can only make tactical retreats in its national policy to colonized territories or peoples because such retreats were allowed by General Kornilov, Vladimir Lenin, or Boris Yeltsin. The more Ukrainian speakers and partners publicly speak about the unacceptability of the status quo for the Russian Empire and seek temporary or permanent allies among colonized regions and peoples, the more likely it is to expose agents of the Russian Empire in the West, and the time when the idea of dividing Russia becomes a true formula for the victory of Ukraine and its allies is approaching.”

Oleksandr Chupak, Head of Economic Programs at the Non-Governmental Analytical Center “Ukrainian Studies of Strategic Disquisitions,” emphasizes:

“A significant problem today is the reluctance of Western countries to see Russia disintegrated. Similar to 1991 when President Bush, from the rostrum of the Supreme Council, urged Ukrainians not to allow the collapse of the USSR, our Western allies are also afraid of instability in the RF. However, we must convey to them the fact that an intact Russia poses a long-term threat not only to Ukraine but to the entire Western world. Its collapse will not only relieve the world of military pressure but will also guarantee the normalization of economic relations, as the newly formed states will not use oil, gas, and other resources as instruments of blackmail and aggression.”

The discussion also involved:

Volodymyr Ohryzko, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (2007–2009), Head of the Russia Research Center;

Maxym Maiorov, political scientist, expert at the Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security;

Oleh Mahaletsky, publicist, researcher of regionalism in the RF, organizer of the Forum of Free Nations of Post-Russia;

Oleh Vitvitsky, Head of the Anti-Imperial Block of Peoples, Ph.D. in History;

Syres Bolyaen, Chairman of the Erzya Society in Ukraine “Erzyan val,” co-founder of the public movement “Free Idel-Ural.”

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